Happy neON #1 Set


Neon orange #230, energetic neon lime #198 and watermelon drop-soaked #196 are hybrid nail polishes that together create a juicy and overflowing set of intensely blatant colors called Happy neON #1. Have fun with color, pattern and incorporate fun with the bestselling polishes that will become your summer #musthave!

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Summer is the perfect opportunity to go crazy with your hairstyles. Let your imagination run wild, turn on the neon joy and have fun with Happy neON colors!

• Easy to apply – They have self-levelling properties

• Odourless

• Offer perfect coverage with 2 thin layers

• Modern formula that looks like classic nail polish

• They do not wrinkle in the lamp, do not shrink during curing, oxidation and they do not change colour

• Do not contain formaldehyde

• NaiLac hybrid polishes are tested on individuals with AD

• Instant and easy to apply

• Perfect to be used on natural, gel, acrylic nails

• They dissolve in the #NailOFF fluid

• Time of curing in the LED lamp: 30 seconds, and in UV – 60 seconds

• Recommended by the brand of Professionals – SPN Nails Professional